You’re most probably here because you are interested in classical guitar music, videos, transcriptions or tips on playing or recording this beautiful instrument, and maybe some other knowledge I share for free.


Because I believe that free access to knowledge and art for anyone will help make this world somewhat better and more enjoyable place. Hence, I offer my products for free or for your own price you name and would be very happy if you, or just anybody, will find some value in my artistic or educational work.

If you’d like to help keep all this up and let me gather more time to intensify my efforts, you may consider providing a donation in a form of name your price purchase anywhere on my Bandcamp page. Thank you for your support – any sum counts!

Something else?

Yes of course! You also may want to hire me as a performer for your public or private concert, or you may need some help with your recording, or you may ask for lessons. And you can get nice wallpapers.