Napoléon Coste – Récréation du Guitariste, op. 51

Napoléon Coste (1805 – 1883) was a French guitarist of the romantic period who spent most of his life in Paris. He came there at the age of 24 and studied under Fernando Sor, another great guitarist of the period.

Pieces in “Recreation of the Guitarist” or “The Guitarist’s Break” were originally written for a “héptacorde”, 7-string early romantic classical guitar, built by French luthier François René Lacôte. This instrument featured one extra string floating next to its neck. This string could not be fretted and was tuned to D. Seeing that the extra string is not crucial to the music, I didn’t hesitate to play a 6-string romantic guitar. It is a copy of design heavily inspired by Lacôte guitars. Most of the time in standard tuning, only for a few pieces I have tuned the last sting one step down.

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