Francesco Molino – Works for Guitar<br/>Artistic diploma thesis, the written part

Francesco Molino – Works for Guitar
Artistic diploma thesis, the written part

Francesco Molino is not a well-known classical guitar author. This is probably one of the reasons not much of his biographical data is available. Besides that, about 60 published works involving guitar are available. Many of them were composed to be “easy to play” with the idea in mind their target group were amateur guitarists.

I both transcribed selected works to modern notation and also edited some technically easier parts so they would gather some complexity expected from a recitalist on concert stage. All these alterations are presented in chapters containing compositional analyses.

In comparison with modern classical guitar, early romantic guitar features several differences. These result into significantly different sound timbre and ergonomics, which do have great impact on the interpretation itself.

On the other hand, it is the transition instrument from Spanish vihuelas and baroque guitars or lutes to modern Spanish guitars. Hence, a chapter containing a slight insight into guitar building in 19th century and historical predecessors of romantic guitar is included.

That particular instrument used for recording in this work is also briefly shown, as a very close cooperation with its builder made interesting facts easily available.

Results presented in this work are also described, from a technical point of view, by a short chapter about utilized recording technique.

The document includes two title pages, one in German and the other in English. The rest of it is completely in English.

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